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Terms & Conditions

SBA Precious Metals Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions:

All SBA Precious Metals Pty Ltd bullion sales are FINAL and legally binding.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars, inclusive of GST if applicable and are subject to change without notice.

No order will be accepted without full payment, as cleared funds, into our account.

  1. We will not be responsible for any loss or liability incurred by you arising or in any way connected with any dealing or transaction with us, contemplated or actual, except to the extent of liability imposed by the Australian Consumer Law Schedule of the Competition and Consumer Act (2010).
  2. Any information provided by us including information posted on our website is indicative and for information only. We do not warrant the accuracy of that information and you should not rely on that information.
  3. These Terms replace any agreement that currently exists between you and us and the obligations entered into under the prior arrangement will be treated as if they were entered into pursuant to these Terms.
  4. You acknowledge that by:
    1. creating an Account; or
    2. placing an offer to buy a Product; from SBA Precious Metals you evidence your acceptance of these Terms.
  5. If your offer to buy a Product from SBA Precious Metals is accepted, SBA Precious Metals will raise an invoice for the price of the Product quoted by SBA Precious Metals at the time the offer was made.
  6. You enter into a binding contract with us at the time an invoice or purchase order is raised by us, whether placed in our offices, by phone, email or through our website.
  7. Payment terms for purchases of Products by you under the Contract is within one business day from the time of processing unless agreed by us otherwise and are usually set out in the invoice we send you. Non-payment within the time specified will result in a default by you of your obligations and you will be liable to additional costs and possibly damages. 
  8. Payment terms for purchases by SBA Precious Metals under the Contract is within one business day from the time of processing unless otherwise advised by us and will usually be set out in the purchase order we send you.  Title in any Product will not transfer to the Customer until SBA Precious Metals receives Available Funds.
  9. The price quoted by SBA Precious Metals at the time of submission of your offer is indicative only and subject to our confirmation within the invoice or purchase order we send you. We reserve the right to correct any errors which may be shown in the quote, invoice or purchase order at any time upon notice to you, including without limitation the price and you must accept the new corrected invoice or purchase order. 


Guarantee/ Warranty Info

We will not be held responsible for any loss you may incur that may be caused by our inability to supply where it is out of our control including breakdowns, delays, equipment failure, power outages or contractors inability to supply either goods or services.

Privacy Policy

By completing your order you agree to release SBA Precious Metals Pty Ltd, SBA Amalgamated Pty Ltd and The SBA Group of Companies, their respective directors, employees, agents and contractors from any liability or obligation with respect to any loss, either by direct or indirect consequence, you may suffer or incur in connection with your dealings with SBA . This does not include any liability under the relevant State and National Laws.

All personal information collected will only be used as stated when collected for the sole use as provided.

We will not disclose any personal information to a third party. The exception to this is our obligation to AUSTRAC. We recommend your familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations on www.austrac.gov.au  before any transactions are carried out with SBA.