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We Buy Gold


In keeping with all of our business activity, quality and 
versatile client service are our paramount concerns.

Products and services we offer:

  • We SELL gold and silver bullion
  • We BUY back bullion
  • We BUY old/broken jewellery
  • We REFINE your scrap precious metals
  • We MANUFACTURE gold and silver alloys in various forms

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Gold and other Alloys

From extensive experience, we have developed a comprehensive range of precious metal alloys designed to provide the variety of metallurgical properties required by the manufacturer. We offer an extensive range of sizes in both square and round wire as well as plate, in various gold and silver alloys. Enquire now with your alloy requests!

Bullion Manufacturers, Sellers and Buyers

Looking to invest in precious metals? Looking to sell your bullion? Have an enquiry? 

SBA offer highly competitive pricing on all Gold and Silver Bullion Bars and Precious Metal Coins. We trade with individuals, companies, trust funds and self-managed super funds.*  Call us now on (03)  9762 5477 and speak with one of our friendly staff to book an appointment. 

*Please call to enquire regarding any paperwork that may be required for your transaction.

Master Alloys

Master Alloys are available in granule form for the following alloys & can also be manufactured to customer specification if required. We stock the following alloys for mixing with your gold:

  • 9ct Yellow Gold – Hand & Casting
  • 9ct Pink Gold – Hand & Casting
  • 18ct Yellow Gold – Hand
  • 9ct White Gold (3 different types) – Hand

Base Metals

Metals in their raw form are also available from SBA, including: Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Tin & Cadmium. 


Refining is our speciality! SBA has developed a strong reputation for servicing a variety of industries offering a personalised and comprehensive refining service for all forms of precious metal residue including – jewellery scrap, lemel & sweeps, alluvial & nugget gold and photo silver residue. Prompt settlement tailored to the clients requirements is assured.